Marketplace Money for Friday, August 19, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, August 19, 2011

Is the economy our problem to solve?

During economic turmoil, the government calls on its citizens to do their part by spending in order to help boost the economy. Is that the right tactic?
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To save or not to save?

Irresponsible spending and not enough saving is what contributed to the financial crisis. More Americans are now saving and spending less, but that may have a negative impact on economic growth. So what are we to do?
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Cleaning up your credit score

Credit score got you down? You can boost your score by hiring a credit clean-up service. A couple hundred dollars investment can result in big savings in mortgages and other loans.
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Cover letter, resume... and your credit score?

Some employers check your financial background during the hiring process. David Brancaccio weighs the pros and cons of using credit scores to evaluate a potential employee.
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How to measure an economy

GDP is the chief measure of how healthy an economy is doing, but it may not give the most accurate reading. Marketplace's Heidi Moore shares other potential yardsticks.

Getting Personal: Running a new business, fixing a credit score

David Brancaccio and Marketplace's Chris Farrell answer your personal finance questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Save or spend? Or invest in mattress futures?

In this time of economic uncertainty, who wouldn't enjoy some levity? Performers from Live Wire! Radio in Portland, Ore., offer their dramatic take on the idea of spending versus saving

Savings will drive the economy forward

Some economists are saying consumer spending will push the economy forward. But outgoing Federal Reserve bank president Thomas Hoenig says savings will save the economy in the long term.

Not all consumers are equal

A consumer is can be anyone from the very rich to the very poor or someone in between. Commentator Rob Walker says that term must be dissected into subgroups to determine which consumers will help the economy grow the most.

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