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Host Tess Vigeland visits one Los Angeles neighborhood, where the impact of the foreclosure crisis is more than just financial. Plus, seven years after Hurricane Katrina, a jazz musician reflects on life after losing everything. And New Orleans native Wendell Pierce -- you may still call him "The Bunk" -- updates us on his dreams of a Big Easy grocery store.

A musician comes home

A New Orleans bassist lost everything he owned through Hurricane Katrina. He talks about how his life has progressed since 2005 and what he learned while picking up the pieces.
Posted In: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, musician, Personal Finance, Saving

How to talk about money every week

Financial planner Jude Boudreaux doesn't think it's enough for couples to talk about money once a month. He thinks they should discuss finances every week.
Posted In: Personal Finance, planning, couples

Bringing fresh food to all of New Orleans

Actor Wendell Pierce gives an update on his goal of bringing a chain of fresh food grocery stores to New Orleans.
Posted In: Wendell Pierce, New Orleans, groceries

New Orleans' housing market recovery

A long-time real estate agent in New Orleans talks about the strides made and the challenges being faced in the housing market there.
Posted In: New Orleans, real estate, housing market, Hurricane Katrina

Establishing a life post-Katrina

A fisherman's son escapes Vietnam to New Orleans, only have to have to escape again.
Posted In: Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, New Orleans, refugees, Entrepreneurship

Hello lover: Women and their shoes

A survey showed that more women remembered their first pair of heels but not the name of their first love. Author Rachelle Bergstein examines the history of the relationship between women and shoes in her book "Women from the Ankle Down."
Posted In: fashion, shoes, women

Sound of Money: Back-to-school shopping

In a few weeks, students will be heading back to school. How much are they spending so that they're ready to hit the books?
Posted In: Sound of money, Education, back-to-school shopping

More credit unions adding and raising fees

Credit unions used to be a banking oasis free from fees. But slowly, credit unions are starting to charge for checking accounts and raising minimums to avoid fees.
Posted In: Banks, credit unions, fees

Baby Boomers will drive this economy

As Baby Boomers age, younger generations are fearing the day they'll be shouldering the burden to pay for Boomers' Social Security benefits. But one senior says Baby Boomers will help boost the economy, not drain it.
Posted In: Senior moment, baby boomers, spending, Entrepreneurship

Who is responsible for foreclosed homes?

An LAPD police officer gives a tour of his precinct in Watts and the blight foreclosed homes have wrought upon the neighborhood. The City of Los Angeles says the banks who own the homes should be responsible for the upkeep of the foreclosures.
Posted In: foreclosures, los angeles, Watts, blight, Banks

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