Marketplace Money for Friday, August 16, 2013

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Let’s face it, there are money conversations that make you squirm -- especially when they occur within your family. Like when your sister asks to borrow money. Or you have to approach your parents about selling their house to pay for retirement. Or when you have to discuss a budget with your partner. This week, a guide to talking about money with your family.

How to successfully ask family members for a loan

Economist Diane Lim offers callers advice about family loans, inheritance, and helping your parents deal with their finances.
Posted In: family finances, Personal Finance, family lending, Inheritance

Can we afford kids? Talking about the steep pricetag of parenthood

One of the most difficult financial realities to face is the decision to delay having a family for people who want children. A pair of listeners share how they talk with their partners about the cost of children -- and the choice to put off parenthood.
Posted In: Personal Finance, family finances, children

How to talk about money with aging parents

Sorting out your financial relationship with your parents can be more crucial than you think.
Posted In: aging, elderly, parents

Financial advice from your family

Listeners share their families' advice about money.
Posted In: family finances, Personal Finance, financial advice

Giving away your inheritance

Here's a conversation that might prove tricky: a young adult who tells her parents that she plans on giving away her inheritance.
Posted In: family, family finances, Charity, Inheritance, wealth

Family finance with 'The Simpsons'

What can one of America's favorite sitcoms teach us about family and money?
Posted In: family finances, television, The Simpsons, comedy

Culture clash: Reconciling your family's different attitudes about money

What happens when multicultural families have to deal with different financial upbringings?
Posted In: family, multicultural, family finances

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