Marketplace Money for Friday, August 15, 2008

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Marketplace Money for Friday, August 15, 2008

So are we in a recession or not?

One minute the headlines say we're zooming towards a recession, the next minute economic surveys say we're actually OK. What's going on? Tess Vigeland talks to economists Diane Swonk and Michael Englund.
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Repopulating New Orleans

To rebuild a city, you have to know who's back and who's not. Tess Vigeland talks to New Orleans demographer Allison Plyer about the state of the Crescent City three years after Hurricane Katrina.

Can't cash in if you can't cash out

Many investors put their money into auction-rate securities, but had trouble getting money back when the credit crunch hit. Tess Vigeland talks to Bob Moon, who's been following the securities' settlement case.
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A look at overseas investing now

Investments in emerging markets like China were all the rage a year ago. Now that they're in the same slump as the U.S, is overseas investing still a hot ticket? Tess talks to Andrew Ang of Columbia's Business School.

Attached to the HIPAA

Last week, Marketplace's Steve Henn profiled companies that make money selling your medical info online. This week he explains why that's legal, even with privacy laws.
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Straight Story: Mortgage bailouts

Does it pay to be prudent? Economics editor Chris Farrell thinks so. This week, he talks with Tess Vigeland about the pros and cons of bank and mortgage bailouts.

Day in the Work Life: Opera star

Opera myth number one debunked: You don't have to be heavy to sing big. Professional tenor Richard Troxell takes us through the riveting highs and lows of his job.

In Beijing, bargain for bottom dollar

So you're one of the lucky tourists in Beijing to see the Olympics. Are you having trouble getting good deals when you go shopping? Scott Tong strolls through the Silk Market and shows us how it's done.

Getting Personal

This week, Chris Farrell talks to a New York City librarian about how to cover his moving expenses.

What's this buzz about energy drinks?

Energy drinks are a multibillion-dollar industry with scores of brands on the shelves. But which is worth stocking up on in your fridge? We asked energy drink junkie Sean Cole to go exploring.
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