Marketplace Money for Friday, August 13, 2010

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Marketplace Money for Friday, August 13, 2010

Cornbread Millionaire is $3,000 closer to goal

Tess Vigeland follows up with Beverly Davis, who is trying to save her Georgia home that went into foreclosure through selling cornbread mix and now t-shirts.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Did the BP oil spill curb your petroleum habit?

Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace's Krissy Clark about whether weeks of watching oil gush into the Gulf had any effect on Americans' oil habit.
Posted In: Oil

Fulfilling a desire through erotic writing

Sean McNeely is currently a cube drone and hating every minute of it. But he found his exit when someone asked him to edit an erotic story...
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Jobs

Taking time off for 'crisis tourism'

Drug wars, worker strikes -- The stuff you see on the TV news is not exactly what you want to see on your vacation. But even still, people were taking vacations to Mexico and Greece -- at a significant discount.
Posted In: Travel

Getting personal: Supplementing retirement, college costs

Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristof from CBS answer listener questions on how to invest to supplement retirement in the future, how much to help a child out with college costs and how to dig yourself out of college debt.
Posted In: Education, Retirement

Forget 65, Americans should retire earlier

Marketplace's Economics Editor Chris Farrell argues that retirement age can be lowered -- without ruining the Social Security system.
Posted In: Retirement, Savings

How to save if you're retiring at 70

Tess Vigeland talks to Dr. Christian Weller, a Social Security expert, on how raising the retirement age would affect how people plan and save for retirement.
Posted In: Retirement, Savings

Some retirees living from Social Security check to Social Security check

Nearly 15 percent of retirees depend on a Social Security check as their sole source of income. Reporter Peter O'Dowd talks to seniors in Arizona about getting by with just Social Security.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Retirement, Savings

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