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Owning that house with a white picket fence in the front yard is a huge part of the American Dream. But for a growing number of young Americans, homeownership is no longer a priority. And those who still aspire to become home owners are taking some unusual routes to get there -- from pooling money with friends to building their own. Plus, we continue our series on religion and money with a look at the Mormon Church, which teaches quite a bit about personal financial.

Why has college gotten so expensive?

More college students are living large with gourmet cafeterias and state-of-the-art gyms -- but that's not what's driving up college costs.
Posted In: higher education, college, universities, Tuition, financial aid

A dream house of stucco and sheet metal

Architect Jayna Cooper built her ideal home -- while sticking to a tight budget and using basic construction materials.
Posted In: House, real estate, construction

Warning: 'Fiscal cliffs' may be ahead

A host of tax increases for the wealthy and cuts to deductions and credits may cause some steep drops in Americans' incomes.
Posted In: Taxes, deductions, credits

Collective home ownership on the rise

Your friends and you have been through a lot together -- but do you think you can buy a house with them?
Posted In: real estate, Housing, collective home ownership, mortgage, friends

Paradigm change: Young people and home ownership

Buying into the American Dream? Renting for life? For younger people, home ownership is less cut-and-dry than it was a generation ago.
Posted In: homeownership, Atlanta, buying a home, renting, real estate

Mormons and provident living

The Church of Latter-Day Saints shares many of the same principals as other faiths -- such as help others -- but there is a particular emphasis on self-reliance, or 'provident living,' for Mormons.
Posted In: religion, Mormons, Church of Latter-Day Saints, tithing, Education

Three steps to boost investor confidence

Banks are still huge, financial scandals still break -- even after the recession revealed flaws in the financial system. A commentator gives his short-and-sweet solution.
Posted In: Financial scandals, LIBOR, investor confidence, Banks, reform, Glass-Steagall, Paul Volcker

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