Marketplace Money for Friday, April 6, 2012

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Lots of older Americans went back to school, hoping to land a better paying job. But now millions of seniors are saddled with student loan debt. We'll hear what their options are. And, weddings can get pretty pricey for more than just the bride and groom. Flights, hotels, dresses, buying the gift and on and on. How to spend less when toasting the happy couple. Plus, the changing family dynamic when she makes more than he does.

How to save for the year of weddings

Going to a wedding can be fun but going to multiple weddings in one year can get expensive. Marketplace Public Insight producer Angela Kim has been to her share of weddings and discusses her experience.
Posted In: weddings, Personal Finance

Educating kids for the factories of the future

West Chicago magnet prepares students for high-skill manufacturing jobs, and for college
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, Jobs, Education

In the spotlight: Senior student debt

People age 60 and older owe more than $36 billion in student loans. Tess discusses the latest debt bubble with Marketplace Education correspondent Amy Scott.
Posted In: debt, loan student debt, senior citizen, elderly

New broker fees could raise costs for investors

Senior business correspondent reports on brokers charging mutual fund companies higher sales fees.
Posted In: Mutual funds, fees

Home business tax dodgers beware!

Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports that home business owners who haven't paid taxes on their sales risk a contretemps with the IRS.
Posted In: Taxes, tax, Entrepreneurship

Half a million bucks in student debt?

Paddy Hirsch, Liz Weston, and Tess discuss the wisdom of taking out huge amounts of student debt.
Posted In: loan, student debt, paddy hirsch, Liz Pulliam Weston, letters

House lust

Tess interviews "Norumbega Park" author Anthony Giardina about the place that the house occupies in the American dream.
Posted In: Books, homeownership

The challenges of earning more than your man

Women find themselves faced with heavy choices when they become the family breadwinner.
Posted In: men v. women, women, men, family finances

For penning a money-savvy rap

This week's Piggy Award goes to a money-smart teen who practices what she raps.
Posted In: Savings, Music

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