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Ahhhh, life on the job. First, we have tips on how to get one. Sound advice from a career counselor on how to ace your next job interview. Hint: choose your words carefully. Also, should your resume reveal your race? The hiring process can tread on some very sensitive ground. And, the crime scene better known as the office kitchen -- what missing food and dirty dishes say about workers and management. Plus, how to cope with the office meanies and what monkeys can teach us about how to behave in the boardroom.

Oh no she didn't! Advice on 'Working with Bitches'

Dismissive remarks. Cattiness. Talking behind people's backs. That kind of behavior doesn't end in junior high -- it can make your life at work miserable, too. We've got advice on how to deal with a bitch at work. Plus, learn about the eight different types.
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Dealing with the dirty office kitchen: Grime and crime

What do the dirty dishes and moldy leftovers at your office kitchen say about you and workplace culture?
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How to interview better than 99% of people

Think a job interview is all about answering questions? Most people do. And that's why they don't get hired, says business consultant Ramit Sethi.
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Race on your resume: An invitation for discrimination?

From the organizations you're a member of to your educational background to something as simple as your name -- advertising your ethnicity, sexuality, religion or gender on your resume can affect the hiring process.
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Is your office a zoo? Get down to monkey business

Ever look at your work colleagues and think they're all behaving like monkeys? Believe it or not, some businesses are finding inspiration in the world of chimps and other primates -- and taking what they learn back to the boardroom.
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Calling all personal finance poets

April is National Poetry Month -- and also the month when most of us are scrambling to get our taxes filed. Send us your poems about taxes and Uncle Sam for a chance to have them read on the air.
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