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In China, conversations about money are the norm. Our China Correspondent Rob Schmitz tells us what it's like to know what everybody makes. And think clothes make the man? Try again. Comedian Michael Ian Black defends his financial indulgence and inspiration from those who've landed their dream job. A South L.A. resident gauges how much his neighborhood has changed economically since the 1992 L.A. Riots. And we go backstage at "Employee of the Month."

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How much do you make?

Marketplace's China correspondent Rob Schmitz discusses how Americans and Chinese differ when talking about personal finance.
Posted In: Foxconn, rob schmitz, China, personal finances

Resisting the iPhone, at all costs

Commentator Tim Bedore's 14-year-old daughter is lobbying ferociously for an iPhone.
Posted In: iPhone, family finances, technology

Stocks vs. bonds

Safe stocks? Risky bonds? Chris Farrell looks at a new investing paradigm.
Posted In: stocks, bonds, Investing

How to start investing for retirement in your 50s

In our weekly letters segment, CBS MoneyWatch Editor-at-Large Jill Schlesinger discusses retirement investing strategies for late-starters.
Posted In: Investing, retirement planning, paddy hirsch, jill schlesinger, whiteboard

I'm the proud owner of a BMW

Author/comedian Michael Ian Black on the highs and lows of luxury car ownership.
Posted In: michael ian black, BMW, spending, purchases

Growing pains in South Los Angeles

South L.A. resident Everett Courtney reflects on his city's rebirth.
Posted In: riots, los angeles, financial literacy

To rent or buy?

Author Jane Hodges discusses who should be renting and who should be buying a home.
Posted In: rent vs. buy, homeownership

Employee of the month

An underemployed comedian and writer hosts a speaking series to encourage other underemployed and unemployed people to keep chasing their dreams.
Posted In: job, job search, dream job

The frugal gardener

Meg Favreau of on what to plant if you don't have endless supplies of cash to grow yourself a salad this spring.
Posted In: gardening, frugality, favreau

Piggy for the uber-frugal

Kris Keller gets the Marketplace Piggy Award for making sacrifices to stay on budget.
Posted In: piggy bank award, frugality, sacrifice, montana

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