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'Fess up: You've been the victim of a scam. Whether it's losing money to someone with a sob story on the street, answering bogus emails, or getting swindled into donating to a fake charity -- scams are all around us. We're here to help you recognize when you're dealing with a con artist and help you steer clear of swindlers. Plus, remember the sequester? We prefer not to as well. But, sequester-related furloughs are happening -- and leaving unpleasant effects on people's personal finances in its wake.

10 biggest frauds consumers fall for and your scam stories

Millions of Americans fall for the same common scams every day. Have you been a victim of one of these cons? Learn how to keep your cash safe by listening to the expert wisdom of those who have lost money to shifty schemers.
Posted In: scams, fraud

'Hi, this is Rachel' -- Avoiding robocall scams

Ever picked up the phone and heard a woman on the other end with information about your credit card who sounded totally legit? Here is some advice on how to avoid being conned by these calls.
Posted In: robocalls, scams

Beware tribal payday loans

High interest payday loans are seen by critics as a fast track to endless cycles of debt for borrowers -- and there's a new breed of payday loan to watch out for.
Posted In: payday loans, scams

Furloughs: On the job, but out of work

Sequester-related furloughs went into effect this week, impacting mostly air traffic controllers employed by the federal government. How can other public servants prepare their personal finances to take on mandatory unpaid leave?
Posted In: furloughs, sequester

Staying smart and safe in a world full of scams

Los Angeles Times consumer columnist offers sage advice on how to avoid fraud in all forms.
Posted In: scams

Taxing poetic: Your Tax Day poems

April is National Poetry Month -- and also the time taxes are on our minds. So, why not combine the two and tax poetic?
Posted In: poetry, Taxes

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