Marketplace Money for Friday, April 19, 2013

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How can you help victims of the Boston bombings? We have tips on choosing charities. Plus, it's time for some spring cleaning. We're not asking you to go through your piles of old clothes or do the windows. We're looking at how to clean out your financial portfolio and tidy up your budgets. And it's time to reassess where your cash is going and straighten up the money issues we have with people in our lives -- like exes, siblings, children and more.  Finally, what you're really getting for your money when you buy products 'Made in the U.S.A.'

Are you really buying products 'Made in the USA?'

When you buy products with the label, "Made in America," are you sure you're getting something made in the USA? Tips on how to decipher the labels on so-called American-made goods.
Posted In: Retail, Shop

Spring cleaning your costly relationships

We asked: Who in your life costs you a lot of money? Your answers ranged from kids to lovers to siblings. A consumer finance expert offers some advice on how to maintain healthy relationships with the people who cause you financial strain.
Posted In: relationships, Personal Finance

Giving to Boston's victims: How to choose a charity

As Americans look for ways to express their compassion over the tragedies that struck Boston and Texas this week, we have some tips for how to give to charities without being scammed.
Posted In: giving, Charity, boston

Boomers: Think twice before you get divorced

A word of caution for elderly couples thinking about signing divorce papers.
Posted In: divorce, elderly, baby boomers

Making the best choices for your budget

Spring is the perfect time to get realistic about budgeting. Personal finance journalist Carmen Wong Ulrich offers some advice about how to do it the smart way.
Posted In: budget, Budgeting

Cleaning up your financial portfolio

Tax season gives many of us a chance to review the past year and examine our investment portfolios. We've got tips on how to improve yours.
Posted In: Investing, portfolios

Tax attorney on taxing problems

Tax attorney Kelly Phillips Erb, otherwise known as "Tax Girl," on fixing people's tax problems.
Posted In: Taxes

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