Marketplace Money for Friday, April 15, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, April 15, 2011

Giving your kid more financial control

Tess Vigeland awards the inaugural Marketplace Money Piggy Award to a father who developed a new system of allowance for his daughter.
Posted In: Savings

You are what you drive: A photo essay

Nostalgia, power, economy, independence: These are some of the emotions that connect Americans to their automobiles. View a slideshow of car memories from the Marketplace staff (yes, that's Kai Ryssdal in a 1971 Olds) and share your photos.
Posted In: Auto, Transportation

Tips for winning scholarships

Tess talks to's Mark Katrowitz about myths about financial aid and how students and parents can win extra scholarship money.
Posted In: Education

Gulf residents debate whether to get compensation from BP

Through all the conflicting data on the impact of the BP oil spill, Gulf residents are trying to quantify past, current and future damages so they can get compensated. Some are considering refusing the money, but retaining the right to sue the company.
Posted In: Law, Oil

Getting Personal: College and retirement

Tess Vigeland and Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell answer listener questions. This week Chris helps a dad figure out how he can pay for his daughter's college tuition and he offers advice on how to invest in retirement accounts.

Do you know what bank fees you're paying?

Tess Vigeland talks to Reuters personal finance columnist Mitch Lipka about the challenge consumers face when trying to find out about potential fees related to bank accounts.
Posted In: Banks

The mortgage-free life

The number of Americans who own their homes outright has changed over the decades. In 1950, more than half were free and clear of a mortgage. Now, as Jennifer Guerra tells us, it's far less than that. But she did find some.
Posted In: Housing

Are mortgage servicers doing enough?

This week, 14 mortgage servicers cut a deal with federal regulators to change the foreclosure process. They also said they'd review foreclosures that took place in 2009 and 2010. But for many consumers, including some of the nearly two million households in foreclosure, that's not enough.
Posted In: Housing

A new digital tool for finding financial aid

Combining social media with scholarships, Connect Fund is a new tool college students can use to find financial aid specifically tailored to them. And it came from the mind of a fellow college attendee.
Posted In: Education

Picking a College 101

Students are deciding what college to attend. So here's some advice: Choose the one that's cheaper.
Posted In: Education

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