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Tax Day is TUESDAY. If you haven't filed yet and need some help, we have tips from a tax pro. And if you think you're getting taxed too much, the Beatles were at one point taxed 98 percent of their income. We learn about Britain's more unusual taxes and how citizens dodged them. Plus, almost 40 percent of working women out-earn their husbands. And that's having an effect on the social order. A look at what it means when she brings home the bacon. And, good thing women are making more money,'cause a single shirt at the dry cleaner can cost her double. Really? Really.

Silly taxes historically made for clever dodgers

Throughout history, rulers have imposed taxes on everything from wigs to windows, but astute tax avoiders have always found a way to escape them.
Posted In: Taxes, tax dodgers, government

The high cost of the other American Dream, education

Commentator Leah Ingram is facing six years of paying college tuition for her two daughters. She has a suggestion to the government to help middle-class parents like herself.
Posted In: Education, college, Tuition, kids, Taxes

Married, domestic partnership or something else?

While some states have legalized gay marriage, the federal government has not -- which puts many same-sex couples at a loss on how to properly file their federal taxes.
Posted In: Taxes, gay marriage

What's the rush?

San Franciscans have the dubious honor of being the best tax procrastinators of 2011. One S.F. citizen talks about her lax attitude to filing.
Posted In: Taxes

For a brilliant social media campaign

A 22-year-old college grad dropped $11 on a domain name and poured all of her Web 2.0 talents into creating the ideal job application for a social media director position.
Posted In: social media
Sorry Beatles, but you can buy love.

Hey 'Taxman,' take a listen to this!

Former disc jockey and current Marketplace reporter Bob Moon shares 1040-themed songs over the decades.
Posted In: Taxes, Music, Entertainment

When women are the breadwinners

Liza Mundy predicts that by the next generation, more women will be breadwinners than men. She examines how this shift may impact dating, marriage and family life in her new book "The Richer Sex."
Posted In: women, men, breadwinners, family, income, Jobs, Education

Bringing fresh food to everyone in New Orleans

It's been six years since Hurricane Katrina, and grocery chains are still hesitant to return to New Orleans. Actor Wendell Pierce is trying to fix that by launching his own grocery store chain.
Posted In: Wendell Pierce, New Orleans, Food, groceries

Why is it more expensive to be a woman?

Women's pay may be on the rise, but when it comes to things like health insurance, haircuts, dry cleaning, and deodorant -- women pay more than men. A university study looks into the potential factors behind the price difference.
Posted In: women, men, gender, spending, consumer goods

Letters: Taxes!

Host Tess Vigeland along with Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch and tax expert Louis Barajas answer listener tax questions and emails.
Posted In: letters, college, debt, Taxes, tax preparers

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