Marketplace Money for February 9-10, 2008

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Marketplace Money for February 9-10, 2008

Comparing online calculators

Try plugging some numbers into online retirement calculators and you might end up with very different answers. Tess asks Russ Wermers how to find a calculator that measure ups.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

Educating Rico: Retirement

Rico Gagliano learns that father knows best -- especially when it comes to saving for retirement -- on our latest installment of "Educating Rico."
Posted In: Retirement

Day in the Work Life: Trend forecaster

In honor of fashion week in New York City, we explore the cutting edge with trend forecaster Helen Job.

Getting Personal

Chris and Tess talk about small businesses, retirement contribution confusion, Class A vs. Class C shares, transferring stocks and covering college debt with insurance.

Health care on campus

When you're planning college costs, be sure to factor in health insurance. Tess talks to Kim Clark about the evolution of the college clinic.

Reviewing online review sites

Online reviews can be all over the map. How can you vet hundreds of reviews to get the best information? Lenora Chu goes browsing for answers.

Straight Story: Pension plans

Companies are shorting their employees on retirement and economics editor Chris Farrell is calling them out. Chris sets the story straight on the pension system.

Facts about the stimulus package

The president is preparing to sign a $168 billion stimulus package passed by Congress, but what effect will it have on you? Tess asks Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer.
Posted In: Economy

To spend or to save?

The stimulus package is putting cash in your pocket to spend and boost the economy. But as Danielle Karson reports, some people have very different plans for the money.
Posted In: Economy, Savings

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