Marketplace Money for February 7, 2004

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Marketplace Money for February 7, 2004

The economics of the absurd

Guest commentator Rik Reppe sees the beauty of capitalism not in its efficiencies, but in its frivolous inventions.
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The stock market recovery

With the stock market looking rosier and rosier, it’s hard not to be bullish. But is the Bear just playing with us? Chris Farrell talks with author Roger Lowenstein about what Wall Street of the 1990s can teach us about Wall Street of today.
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Index fund investing

When is an index fund not an index fund? Our in-house investment expert Erica Whittlinger talks with Stephanie Curtis about the proliferation of specialty index funds and whether or not they’re worth your time and money.
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Online trading

After the dot-com meltdown, online trading sites, once topics of daily conversation, all but disappeared. But as Wall Street's fortunes turn around, online trading is making a comeback. Chris Farrell talks with BusinessWeek journalist Robert Barker about what you should know before you sign up. And Stephanie Curtis gets the inside track on online trading sites from full-time stock trader George Henel.
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Going back to school

The economy is showing signs of recovery, but the job market remains flat. Layoffs and the threat of outsourcing loom large in many people's lives. Can education protect you? Chris Farrell talks with Anthony Carnevale about when it makes sense to go back to school, and whether that additional degree will pay off. And Stephanie Curtis talks with education journalist Kristin Davis about how to finance a trip back to the classroom.

Listener questions for February 7, 2004

This week, Chris Farrell answers questions on savings options for the self-employed, paying off your mortgage, and dealing with the alternative minimum tax. He also hears from a musician who’s teaching kids to save money one song at a time.
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