Marketplace Money for February 5, 2005

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Marketplace Money for February 5, 2005

The "Buzzword": Greater Fool Theory

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. Each week, Sound Money brings you a word or a phrase that has bubbled to the top of the news. For instance - "Greater Fool Theory." You hear it, you see it, but do you really know it?
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The "Straight Story" with Chris Farrell: State of the Union

It's time once again for economics editor Chris Farrell is to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the Straight Story. This week, Chris offers his own State of the Union.
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From the Money Matters Desk: Remodeling Values

On this week's money matters -- our regular look at how to improve your bottom line -- we look at what remodeling projects are worth it. Remodeling Magazine's Sal Alfano joins Kai.

Sick Days

Feeling a little sick? Or, just sick of work? If you're thinking of playing hooky, you might want to listen to reporter Hal Humphrey's story on sick leave.
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Mailbag for February 5, 2005

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers more of your burning money questions. This week: advice on selling collectable coins, getting rid of a bad investment, and handling finances for an aging parent.
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Merger Mania

Big Business is getting bigger. SBC is buying AT&T for $16 billion. Proctor & Gamble is spending $57 billion for Gillette. Why now? And do these mergers make financial sense for shareholders? Professor Eric Talley does the math.
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Change for a Buck: Energy Dollar

Among the other happenings on Capitol Hill this week... the Senate confirmed the new Energy Secretary, Samuel Bodman. He’ll be in charge of shaping and selling President Bush’s energy platform. On our occasional series Change For A Buck... we break down your energy dollar. Find out what it costs to run a household's worth of technology.

Washington Notebook

President Bush delivered his fifth State of the Union this past week. Much of it focused on economic policies - like changes to Social Security and decreasing the deficit. But how will President Bush's domestic platform be treated on Capitol Hill? Joining Kai to talk about these issues is Marketplace's DC Bureau Chief John Dimsdale.
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Look Ahead

What you need to know today about next week.

"Day in the Work Life": Vegas Bookie

Last year, the Super Bowl inspired more than $400 million in online bets. But if you're looking for a more traditional gambling experience, why not head to Sin City? On this week's "A Day In the Work Life," our regular look at how folks trade time for money, we walk the line with a professional Vegas bookie.
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