Marketplace Money for February 2-3, 2008

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Marketplace Money for February 2-3, 2008

Avoiding hidden 401k fees

Next week is the final week for the public to comment on new disclosure rules designed to expose the fees that sneak thousands from your 401k. Tess talks to Matthew Hutcheson for more.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

Living with (and paying for) diabetes

As the government debates health care reform, people are trying to find ways to cope. Tess revisits David Lazarus to hear how he's adapting his life and his budget to diabetes.

Day in the Work Life: Bartender

With Fat Tuesday fast approaching, we follow some locals to Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans to experience a day in the work life of a bartender.

New rules for crossing the border

An earlier passport requirement on flights in and out of the U.S. has been applied to land and sea travel as well. Tess gets details and options from the State Department's Cy Ferenchak.
Posted In: Travel

Buzzword: Bond insurers

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. This week, a little bit of intrigue with Bond... "Bond insurers."

To inherit, you have to earn their trust

Trusts allow people to pass wealth on to loved ones, but a new kind of trust also lets people attach some strings to the money -- as Stacey Vanek-Smith discovered with her parents.

Getting Personal

In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about investing a windfall, adding TIPS to your portfolio, opening a Roth alongside a SEP and estimating your taxes.

Straight Story: Borrow and spend

Economics editor Chris Farrell pulls out his crystal ball and sees a return to frugality. Chris sets the story straight on the end of the "borrow and spend" economy.

Tuning in to digital TV

Big changes are coming over the air, but more than a third of TV-owning households don't know it yet. Lisa Napoli explains everything you need to know about the digital TV transition.
Posted In: Science

Age a factor in Florida primary

Retirees cast half the votes in Florida's primary, but more young people are moving to the state. As John Dimsdale reports, they bring different opinions about the economy than their elders.

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