Marketplace Money for February 14, 2004

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Marketplace Money for February 14, 2004

Increase your job satisfaction

Dissatisfied with your job? Our in-house investment expert Erica Whittlinger has some tips on revitalizing your career.
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Listener questions for February 14, 2004

This week, Chris Farrell answers questions on investing for the novice, saving for college, and organizing your financial records.
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Talking money when the kids are grown

It's important to teach your children to save money. But what if that child is an adult? Is there anything a parent can do? Chris Farrell gets some tips on talking about money for both parents and adult children from love and money expert Ruth Hayden.
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The business of online dating

Online dating services are booming, turning matters of the heart into big business. Reporter Cynthia Ingle looks into this happy union of love and money.

Job interviews

In a tight job market, you need every edge you can get. Stephanie Curtis finds out from author Robin Ryan how to hone your interviewing skills into a sixty-second sell.
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Stock market recovery

Wall Street is all smiles these days. Has the stock market finally recovered from its dot-com hangover, or is the market just playing with us? Chris Farrell talks with one of the top financial planners in the country, Ross Levin, about whether this recovery is for real and what you should be doing with your portfolio.
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