Marketplace Money for December 4, 2004

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Marketplace Money for December 4, 2004

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The "Straight Story": Consumer Protection

It's time once again for economics editor Chris Farrell is to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the Straight Story. This week -- everywhere Chris looks consumers are being taken for a ride. His advice: Buyer Beware.

From the Money Matters Desk: Tough Financial Questions

Do you ever talk about your will? Your health? Your finances? These subjects are tough to begin with ... but they're even tougher when you're talking to your aging parents. On this week's Money Matters .... Kai learns the best way to approach delicate conversations. Susan Piver shares tips from her book "The Hard Questions for Adult Children and Their Aging Parents."
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Granny Flats

Baby boomers are now inviting their aging parents to live with them. Or rather ... next door. Granny flats are getting more popular. But Work and Family Correspondent Sarah Gardner reports ... on an unexpected wrinkle.
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"Day in the Work Life": Card Maker

As the holiday season kicks into high gear ... so does the holiday card season. On today's "A Day In the Work Life" -- our weekly look at how folks trade time for money -- we greet a card maker.
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"Buzzword": Regulation NMS

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. Each week, Sound Money brings you a word or a phrase that has bubbled to the top of the news. For instance -- "Regulation NMS." You hear it, you see it, but do you really know it?
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Mailbag for December 4, 2004

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers more of your burning money questions. This week: advice on tracking down an old 401k, investing in the real estate market, and setting aside money for traveling.
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Is a Sale Really a Sale?

Wal-Mart reported meager holiday sales last weekend. A spokesman for the big-box retailer says its holiday prices were not as low as competitors. It got us thinking ... how do you know when something on “sale” really is on sale? Megan Johnston from Money Magazine gives you an important checklist.

Holiday Party Etiquette

How quickly time flies.... another December, another opportunity to spend time away from the office with a bunch of people from the office. Yes, it's time for the company party. For the do's and don'ts and absolutely must not's of office gatherings ... author and work consultant, Michael Laskoff, hosts a session on party etiquette.

Paying for Social Security

Privatization, privatization, privatization...President Bush wants to reform Social Security by partially privatizing the system. Do it yourself retirement…sounds promising? But what are the costs? Marketplace's John Dimsdale does the math.
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