Marketplace Money for December 1-2, 2007

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The struggling dollar

It's no secret the dollar has been falling compared to other currencies this year, but will it impact you? Tess asks economics professor Catherine Mann.
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Straight Story: Subprime rate freeze

Is it time for the government to step in to stop the housing crisis? Chris Farrell sets the story straight on an expected subprime interest rate freeze.

Investment Clubs: Seattle summary

Tess makes a final visit to Seattle's Meridian Pacific investment club see how its members fared in the market this year.
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A new deal for the housing market

Is it time for the government to step in to stop falling house prices? Tess talks to economist Robert Shiller about the next steps in the housing crisis.
Posted In: Housing

Taken for a ride

With home prices dropping all over the country, how do you choose the right time to buy? Ethan Lindsey walks us through his home buying experience in Bend, Oregon.
Posted In: Housing

Buzzword: Proxy access

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. We take a look at a phrase that sticks up for the little guy: "proxy access."

Marketplace Money Mailbag

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers your burning money questions. This week -- calculating cost of living, credit card terms, selling at a loss and interest rates overseas.

Work Life: Museum guard

On this week's "A Day in the Work Life," our regular look at how folks trade time for money, we explore the halls of the National Museum of Women in the Arts with guard Karen Harris.

BYOB: Bring your own BlackBerry

Verizon's plan to open its network to any phone has turned some heads in the industry, but what does it mean for customers? Tess asks Marketplace's Lisa Napoli.

In search of a security blanket

In the midst of the subprime mess, can you trust money market funds, known for their stability, to keep your cash safe? Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer examines some investors' concerns.
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