Marketplace Money for August 8-9, 2009

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Marketplace Money for August 8-9, 2009

Crashed car? Don't wreck your finances

Marketplace's Cash Peters was working on a story about his car . . . when he crashed it. He learned more than he every expected to about the world of repairs and how to look out for second-rate parts. And he has the skinny on how to go about it.
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Where it pays to make it from scratch

Is it worth it to make your own butter? Jennifer Reese explores the most cost-effective approach to do-it-yourself food in her frugal-minded blog, The Tipsy Baker. Tess Vigeland paid her a visit and helped her make bagels.
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Watchdog sniffs out mortgage lenders

The Fair Mortgage Collaborative is a nonprofit created by housing industry insiders vowing to help change the kinds of mortgages we're offered and the way we get them. Tess Vigeland talks to executive director Howard Banker about how it works.
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Straight Story: Beware of home equity

A recent study shows many foreclosures don't come from people who bought at the top of the housing bubble, but come from homeowners who got into trouble with home equity loans. Economics editor Chris Farrell talks with Tess Vigeland.

Getting Personal

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell talk to listeners about retirement accounts, including where to put your money if you want a socially responsible investment option and your company doesn't offer one.

NYC can spare a dime to save

Last year, New York City started a program to encourage low-income residents to save -- and it's working. Alisa Roth explores how "Save NYC" has helped New Yorkers stash money away, even with none to spare.

Will Americans continue to save?

The U.S. savings rate is now the highest it's been since 1998. Tess Vigeland talks to former Undersecretary of Commerce Robert Shapiro about whether he thinks the rate will stick.

China focuses rebate on rural shoppers

Millions of Chinese consumers are just now getting wealthy enough to buy certain appliances. And lately the government has been encouraging them to spend. Scott Tong explores how a rebate program is getting villagers to stores.
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Pink slips meet the digital age

When commentator Lisa McIntire was laid off, she wasn't handed a physical pink slip. Through social networking, e-mails and IMs, the ex-tech worker tells the story of how she found out her former employer had let her go.
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