Marketplace Money for August 29-30, 2009

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Marketplace Money for August 29-30, 2009

Compulsive debtors turn for help

We've all heard about Alcoholics Anonymous. But Debtors Anonymous? Marketplace Money profiles three members.
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Getting Personal

Host Tess Vigeland and Economics Editor Chris Farrell field listeners' questions about moving in with the boyfriend and mortgage insurance products.

New Orleans four years after Katrina

With everything that's been going on with the economy, it's easy to forget that some families lost everything years ago. Host Tess Vigeland speaks to the King family about what their life is like four years after Hurricane Katrina.

No credit card for my college-bound son

It's that time of year again: young adults are schlepping off to college, many of them for the first time. How are parents handling the whole money conversation? Commentator Harriett Brackey tells her story.

Economy hands Gen Y rude awakening

We've all met them, 20-somethings who've been coddled by their parents and seem to expect everything to be handed to them. But the economy might just be changing Gen Y's outlook. Gigi Douban reports.
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Social Security left without a boost

Social Security payments usually increase by a small amount each year to adjust for cost of living. But thanks to the recession, those living off the government-issued checks won't be seeing more dollar signs this year. Tamara Keith reports.
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