Marketplace Money for August 2-3, 2008

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Charge it to my retirement account

It's easier than every to borrow against your nest egg with 401(k) debit cards, but everyone from the SEC to Congress is railing against the cards, with one senator even proposing a ban. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Retirement

Summer School: Credits & deductions

We're taking you back to the basics with our summer refresher course on finance terms. Today, the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction and what it means for you come tax time.
Posted In: Taxes

How consumers stay bound to brands

It's just an extra label or logo, but we're willing to pay big for it. Host Tess Vigeland asks journalist Rob Walker how marketers keep us so obsessed with name brands.

Day in the Work Life: Window washer

On this week's "A Day in the Work Life," we get a clearer view with a professional window cleaner.

Getting Personal

In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about lazy investing styles, lending to family, consolidating retirement accounts and foolproof investments.
Posted In: Investing

Powering up students' job prospects

Students are facing a tough job market at the same time as public utilities are bracing for a wave of retirements. In Los Angeles, schools and industry are working to make a match. Amanda Becker reports.
Posted In: Education, Jobs

Is a reverse mortgage right for you?

Another change from the new housing bill: Easier and safer reverse mortgages for America's seniors. Still, it's a better option for some homeowners more than others. Lenora Chu reports.
Posted In: Housing, Retirement

Straight Story: How do we pay for it?

As Americans are struggling to balance their budgets, the government announced it's going to be short by $490 billion. Economics editor Chris Farrell sets the story straight on the meaning of the shortfall.

Housing bill 101

The long-fought-over housing bill has become law. Host Tess Vigeland asks Chris Mayer at Columbia University to explain what the bill does, then helps listeners get answers to their questions.
Posted In: Housing

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