Marketplace Money for April 6, 2007

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Marketplace Money for April 6, 2007

Straight Story: Cut!

This week, economics editor Chris Farrell yells "Cut" at the newest reel of credit card documentaries.

Thanks for writing us!

We brought you the best of personal finance and you responded. Tess Vigeland hears feedback from our listeners.

A beautiful garden for the right price

Want to make your garden bloom without breaking the bank? Tess Vigeland takes us on a tour of her own garden with Amy Stewart, author of "Flower Confidential."

A very taxing family

It's a family business that only Uncle Sam could love. Ashley Milne-Tyte takes us to Queens, New York, where three generations of tax accountants prepare for April under the same roof.
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Mailbag for Friday, April 6, 2007

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers your burning money questions. This week, advice on life insurance for newborns, prioritizing income when you decide to establish your own nonprofit business, and the secrets of retiring at age 51.

Buzzword: H-1B visa

They come from foreign lands to put their sophisticated skills to work in the U.S. -- unless there's not enough room.
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Day in the Work Life: Steeplewright

Don't take your places of worship for granted. This week, we profile a man whose job it is to make sure church steeples stay upright.

So . . . how much are your colleagues making?

You know you're dying to find out. What kind of salary are your coworkers making? Tess Vigeland talks snooping strategies with Donna Rosato of Money Magazine.

Why do I have to keep checking my checks?

It seems like you deposited that check ages ago and it still hasn't cleared. There's a reason. Tess finds out why with Jean Ann Fox of the Consumer Federation of America.
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Get interested in your savings

There are lots of banks who'd love the chance to sit on your cash. And that means you can find some pretty competitive rates. Lisa Napoli offers this primer on finding high-yield savings.
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