Marketplace Money for April 3-4, 2010

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Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at the week's major national and international stories that will impact the average listener's wallet.

Employer lends a financial helping hand

Reporter Sarah Hulett profiles one company that offered some help to employees with troubled financial lives.

The home loan modification minefield

Wajahat Ali wasn't an expert in real estate law, but that didn't stop him from helping a family navigate the government's Home Affordable Mortgage Program. He talks to Tess Vigeland about the frustrations he encountered along the way.
Posted In: Housing

Where is the housing market now?

UCLA professor Ed Leamer talks to Tess Vigeland about whether the housing market is in recovery, and the right program for underwater homeowners.
Posted In: Housing

I'm going to Canada for my health care

Commentator David Sax says despite President Obama's ambitious efforts, he's still heading to his home country for health care -- Canada.
Posted In: Health

Getting Personal

David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times helps Tess Vigeland answer personal finance questions from our listeners, including the impact the new health care laws will have on consumers.

Responses from our listeners

Listeners react to Money's coverage, including our segments on health care reform, a money makeover, and the Free Credit Report guy.

The impact of student loan reform

Paul Basken of the Chronicle of Higher Education talks with Tess Vigeland about how the new student loan reform bill will affect both current and former college students.
Posted In: Education

A new generation of bills

The new iPad, cell phones,'s all part of staying connected in today's society, but are we paying too high a price? Brendan Francis Newnam reports.

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