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Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at the week's major national and international stories that will impact the average listener's wallet.

A historian's look at credit card reform

Will credit card reform have a long-term effect on our behavior as consumers? Tess Vigeland talks with Wall Street historian John Steele Gordon.

A credit call coming to a phone near you

Portland's sketch comedy troupe Live Wire perform an imagined phone call from a credit card company.

Two generations reflect on credit cards

Personal finance writer Beth Kobliner and her teenage daughter Becca talk about how they find a middle ground between mom's old school rules and today's teen pressures revolving credit cards.

Credit card companies' side of the story

Scott Talbott of Financial Services Roundtable, a banking industry organization, tells Tess Vigeland how credit card companies feel about the CARD Act.

Getting Personal

MSN Money columnist Liz Pulliam Weston joins Tess Vigeland to take listeners' questions about their relationship with plastic.

Say no thanks to credit cards

Commentator Chris Farrell says if you don't carry a balance on your credit cards, you don't have to worry about what the card companies do.

How card companies continue to profit

Despite the changes hitting the industry, credit card companies are finding ways to make money. Reporter Stacey Vanek-Smith tells Tess Vigeland just how.

The loopholes of credit card reform

Credit card reform is finally here, but there are loopholes consumers need to be aware of. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

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