Marketplace Money for Friday, November 29, 2013

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This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong Ulrich addresses some usual – and unusual – questions about how family and finances mix during the holiday season. First, reporter Stacey Vanek Smith shares the myriad ways stores use technology to stalk customers while they shop, in hopes of making them spend more money. Plus, psychiatrist Gail Saltz joins the program to discuss how people rationalize overspending on gifts for loved ones and ways to break that bad financial habit. Also, Greg Graffin of the punk rock band Bad Religion reflects on how his spending habits were shaped by his frugal father. And, a pair of personal finance experts debate the value of the financial literacy movement.

Ask Carmen: Family secrets

How should you handle keeping things secret from your family? Carmen and guest Dr. Gail Saltz talk to listeners.
Posted In: ask carmen, family advice

Financial Feud: Financial Literacy

39 states now have financial curriculum standards in their schools, which means, there's a new teacher in town.
Posted In: Financial Feud, financial literacy, Education, classrooms

As holiday shopping ramps up, so does data tracking

Retailers are increasingly using data tracking to figure out what you want to buy.
Posted In: consumer profiling, data tracking, data, shopping

Family finance lessons: Punk rock professor Greg Graffin

Bad Religion's singer and biology Ph.D. Greg Graffin talks about what he learned growing up with two professors of parents.
Posted In: Family finance lessons, punk rock, bad religion

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