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It could just be a case of the blahs. Investors didn't seem eager to place any grand bets today on what European leaders will agree on when they meet later this week. And the stakes continue to be dizzyingly high. We talked with Barry Ritholtz, CEO of Fushion IQ, author of Bailout Nation and "The Big Picture" blogger at Ritholtz says investors are stuck in a seemingly endless pattern of waiting and waiting for Europe's leaders to reach some sort of deal. And, like the characters in a Beckett play, the wait may never end.

In the eurozone, it's like 'Waiting for Godot'

All eyes are on Brussels, days ahead of another European summit on the continent's debt crisis and hopes that this time will be different.
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Spending on Christmas 'bling' is up

Consumers will almost $6 billion dollars on holiday decorations this year - the most in seven years - according to new data from the National Retail Federation
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