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Durable good purchases are a sign that businesses are getting ready to grow. Those orders were up three percent in December, beating analysts expectations. We're seeing other economic "green shoots" as well, including falling unemployment, rising consumer sentiment and increases in manufacturing. Some would say you have all the makings of a country on a path to recovery. Really? Doug Roberts from Channel Capital Research tells us how he distinguishes the truth from the hype. And the Daily Pulse was down today on news that only 23 percent of Americans say they trust the U.S. financial system.

Financial Trust Index: Faith in U.S. banks slides

According to the Financial Trust Index, Americans have little faith in their investment options.
Posted In: Banks, Trust, anger

Durable goods: More economic green shoots

Durable goods purchases were up in December, reinforcing the feeling that the economy is making a recovery. Should we believe the hype?
Posted In: Fed, Ben Bernanke, durable goods

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