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Just when things were starting to look up in Europe, Standard & Poors announced credit ratings downgrades for several European countries, including France and Austria (from AAA to AA+). Even more troubling was news that Greek officials ended negotiations on a debt swap with private creditors without reaching an agreement. Mark Blyth from Brown University says Greece has four ways out of its crisis: devalue, deflate, inflate or default. The Daily Pulse is down today on news that JP Morgan Chase announced a 23-percent drop in fourth-quarter profits compared to the same period in 2010. But don't fret, they still made record profits in 2011.

Devalue, deflate, inflate or default

France and Austria get credit ratings downgrades, and Greece weighs its dwindling options.
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Fourth quarter profits down for JPMorgan Chase

America’s biggest bank announces a 23 percent drop in fourth quarter profits but still has its best year ever.
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