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Ukraine's industrial heartland is up for grabs

Ukrainians head to the polls on Sunday. Well, maybe.
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College goal is out of reach -- for now

High school soccer champion Reyes Ventura badly wants to attend college, but government paperwork and a lack of money are holding him back. Paul Cuadros reports.
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Everyone would pay 'Blackstone tax'

The House Ways and Means Committee is looking into whether the U.S. government should raise taxes on rich private-equity firms that go public to get richer. Commentator Glenn Hubbard says that would be a bad idea.
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Real money in fantasy football

The National Football League season begins tonight, which means millions of fans playing fantasy football leagues are back in action as well. Business-of-sports expert Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the reality involved.
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European Central Bank shows concern

The European Central Bank's decision to keep its benchmark interest rate at 4% is making bankers and investors anxious that this fall might be worse than this summer. Stephen Beard reports.
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A sustaining influence on music

Luciano Pavarotti helped change the business of classical music. Fred Child of public radio's Performance Today talked with Kai Ryssdal about the legacy left by the tenor, who died today.

Clue found to missing bees

Scientists have fingered a virus that may be a cause of the country's disappearing bees -- what's called colony collapse disorder. Marketplace's Helen Palmer, a beekeeper herself, reports.
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Shared solutions to air pollution

A report out today looks at what the United States and China can learn from each other about how to clean up air pollution. Janet Babin reports.

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