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Mzoli's meat

In South Africa, the government's economic empowerment policies are starting to show results. More young blacks are going to college, earning business and marketing degrees, and capitalizing on the drive toward "Black Economic Empowerment." So where does this up and coming black middle class go to spend its hard-earned cash? The hot spot in Cape Town is a butcher shop -- on the outskirts of the city. Youth Radio's Unathi Kondile reports.

Strange bedfellows

The marriage of convenience is alive and well for some young members of the US military. Their spouses receive health benefits while the service members receive additional pay and benefits. But the military's not so thrilled by the trend. Youth Radio's Sophie Simon-Ortiz has more.

Car guards in Cape Town

As a growing number of cars in Cape Town, South Africa are stolen, many South Africans are willing to hire -- a car guard. Nishat Kurwa reports about one guard who hopes that the low-paying job will be his ticket to college.
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Their own set of wheels

Youth Radio's Nishat Kurwa checked in to tell us the story of Ben Bikes, a program in South Africa that donates bikes to schools so that students can make it to school on time. But are bikes... cool enough?
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Do you want to know a secret?

Teenagers are very, very good at keeping secrets &#151 just ask a parent.But one campus crime-stopping scheme counts on them sharing secrets with the authorities. The incentive? Cold, hard cash. Natalie Streiter reports from Youth Radio.

College allowance

It's graduation season, and as parents worry about covering college tuition next fall, college-bound kids are trying to figure out how much more they can squeeze out of Mom and Dad. From Youth Radio, Lauryn Silverman reports.

India goes with part-time

Offshoring's here to stay, or so goes the conventional wisdom. A new report from the Conference Board offers some unconventional advice. About half of all offshoring operations are destined to fall flat, or worse. The report warns American corporations to think through hidden costs. Communications. Regulatory concerns. And yes, even social responsibility. Brand image can take a beating if companies aren't careful. Offshoring is having a profound effect on some of the Asian countries where new jobs are being created. You might call it "the Domino's effect." Youth Radio's Nishat Kurwa prepared our story.


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