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The power Library of Congress has on cell phones

The nation's foremost repository of copyrighted material also oversees digital copyrights.
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Unlock your phone? You're breaking the law

If you're the type of tech savvy person who likes to hack your own electronics, you might be interested to know that unlocking your own cell phone without your provider's permission actually became illegal over the weekend.
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Long Island Power slammed for slow Sandy response

Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy power has been restored for most people affected by the storm. But the embattled LIPA is still dealing with a wave of criticism over its performance.
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High-rise renters hurt by Sandy flooding

The flooding from Superstorm Sandy has displaced a lot of New Yorkers, including those who live far above the high-water mark.
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The haves and the have-nots? Not in Country Knolls

The through line in this election campaign and in the economy for the past year or so has been a debate about income inequality. According to the Census Bureau, the community of Country Knolls, in upstate New York, is the most income equal in the country.
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"Occupy" protesters grapple with money issues

With more than $400,000 in donations but no desire to name leaders, the Occupy Wall Street protest faces a challenge: Who will manage the money?
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Occupy Wall Street protestors gain broader support

The Occupy Wall Street movement gains momentum in New York, with labor organizations joining the flanks of protestors.
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Outside Job: Columbia Business School professors get bad grade on full disclosure

School may be out for the summer, but Columbia professors have still found a way to be tardy. As reported on Marketplace Morning Report, Columbi...
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Food trucks shift from road to restaurant

The mobile eats trend is now seen more as a first step into expanding a larger business
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Top scholars face new disclosure regulations

Faculty from Columbia Business School face new regulations regarding working outside the classroom.
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