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Washington Cemetary

How do cemeteries make money?

The better question may be: What do they do when they run out of space?
Posted In: death, user-generated content, cemeteries, Burial

Why you always see the same ad while binge-watching TV

If you watch TV online, you're likely to see the same ad over and over again.
Posted In: streaming tv, advertisements, advertising

Reddit raises $50 million and wants to share with users

Reddit announces new funding, and wants to work out a way to give back to its loyal community.
Posted In: reddit, venture capital, user-generated content

When you die, who gets your digital assets?

Families of the deceased struggle to access the digital life of loved ones.
Posted In: social media, living will, assets

Is Facebook's new ad tool a game changer?

Facebook's new advertising tool Atlas helps companies improve their targeting.
Posted In: advertising, Facebook, Facebook privacy, mobile ads

Modi visit throws spotlight on Indian-Americans

There are more than 3 million Indian-Americans, and many are prospering here.
Posted In: India, Immigration

When employees are given 'unlimited' vacation time

It may sound like a dream, but some employees aren't buying it.
Posted In: Virgin, Richard Branson, vacation days
Paula Dean

Paula Deen buys back rights to her Food Network show

A look at how Deen is attempting to rebuild her brand and her chances of success.
Posted In: Food Network, cooking, brand

Blackberry's not dead yet

Despite the ongoing death watch, Blackberry is still launching products.
Posted In: Blackberry, smart phones, android

March in New York calls for action on climate change

Hundreds of thousands march ahead of UN climate summit.
Posted In: climate change, global climate change, protests


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