Features by Tracey Samuelson

Referees get a tech upgrade at the World Cup

A look at the tech behind (hopefully) better referee calls at the World Cup
Posted In: soccer, World Cup, referees

Scented emails: gimmick or game changer?

Why marketing the sense of smell is hard to get right.
Posted In: email, smells, virtual reality

Hello (again) McMansions

The average size of a new house is above pre-recession levels.
Posted In: real estate, housing market, Suburban Living

Raining? Twitter wants to help sell you an umbrella

Twitter is teaming up with the Weather Channel to help advertisers.
Posted In: Twitter, Weather Channel, ads

The World Cup soccer ball gets a high-tech makeover

After criticism at the last World Cup, Adidas is updating its soccer ball design.
Posted In: World Cup, soccer

Heroin, opiate addicts find it tough to get treatment

There are simply not enough beds to meet New Jersey’s growing demand for substance abuse treatment.
Posted In: addiction, Obamacare, prescription drugs

Your next car rental could be a Ford. Or... a Ferrari.

Want to make a good impression? How about a $2000/day rental car?

Three floods in three years? Yeah, we'll buy your house

After Hurricane Sandy, the state of New Jersey planned to buy 1,300 flood-prone homes and demolish them. What's taking so long?
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, new jersey, homes

Deciding to buy while just getting by: Low-income families and the housing market

Would-be homeowners balance the risks of buying with benefits like building their assets and bettering their children's chances.
Posted In: affordable housing, Housing

Homeownership: The right choice for low-income families?

Advocates say home ownership is still a good way for low-income families to build wealth - but it shouldn't be their only form of savings
Posted In: foreclosure, buying a home


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