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Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen attends a Nov. 7 session of an international symposium on central banking  in Paris.

Avoiding the 'regulatory capture' trap

The Senate grills the president of the New York Fed about perceived coziness with the banks and people it oversees.
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 A cable car passes by a Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco. P Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo reported earnings Tuesday that show how the "American bank" has changed since the financial crisis.

Cutting interest rates on student debt

Wells Fargo has launched a loan modification program for student loan customers.
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The Uber app is displayed on an iPhone. Several unpopular circumstances have plunged public opinion of the company and its leadership.

Why Uber execs may get away with their bad behavior

Consumers don't seem overly concerned about questionable conduct by Uber execs.
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Trying to outrun aging

Researchers are optimistic about recent efforts to delay the effects of aging and, perhaps, extend life spans.
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Traders work on the floor of the Hong Kong Exchange in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and Shangai exchanges link up in big reform

It’s a big deal for investors, for whom it's now a lot easier to invest in China.
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The Adidas shoes of Dwight Howard, No. 12 of the Houston Rockets, are seen during the game against the Detroit Pistons at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Nike dominates basketball shoes. Adidas wants in.

Thanks to the Air Jordan, Nike has over 90 percent of the basketball shoe market.
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U.S. deals make it a big week in global trade

The U.S. cleared hurdles to send two major trade agreements forward.
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How to change company boards: the Stringer solution

New York Comptroller Scott Stringer is teaming up with institutional investors to lobby 75 companies to allow shareholders to nominate directors for election to their boards. This is a bold move to make boards more accountable, and it’s supported by some heavyweight investors.
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Voters decide U.S. minimum wage landscape for 2015

Voters in four states voted to increase the minimum wage.
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It's high time you have one of those Tofu Shinjo Nuggets you've been craving.

McDonald's seeks to tailor menu to regional tastes

The company's "one size fits all" approach has been losing a lot of money.
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