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The skyline of Washington, D.C.

Leading indicators released for the month

Unlike lagging indicators, these give us a snapshot of the economy as it stands.
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With a Starbucks on every corner, chain pivots

Since the mermaid has become ubiquitous, Starbucks tries to stand out by going upscale.
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Antonio Weiss, newly nominated treasury undersecretary.

Treasury undersecretary wanted, must love Wall Street

Liberal Democrats aren’t happy with White House's choice, investment banker Antonio Weiss.
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Medical bills, bills, bills

43 million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports.
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An oversupply of oil isn't all good

Too much oil means prices fall, but also oil companies cutting back.
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'Botnets' are costing advertisers billions

Ads are linked to how many people see them, but "botnet" computer networks inflate the numbers.
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Barnes & Noble move may signal a spinoff

Bookseller bought back Microsoft's stake. But it's still unclear if company might split in two.
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: A board outside an exchange office in central Moscow lists foreign-currency rates against the Russian ruble.

Russian ruble suffers huge one-day fall

What’s a country to do as its currency collapses? Russia basically needs to weather the storm.
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Starting in January, Facebook says it will crack down even harder on what it calls "overly promotional posts."

Facebook takes aim at some freebies

They're changing the rules about all those promotional posts in your feed.
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The annual Turkey pardon, demystified

Every year at this time, the president of the United States, leader of the free world, participates in a truly bizarre political ritual.
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