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Consumer spending

Why isn’t the American consumer spending?

Retail sales stalled last month. They're at their weakest reading since January.
Posted In: consumer spending, Retail, low wage
NY Tech Meetup

A guide to the perfect tech company pitch

Jessica Lawrence has seen almost 360 demos. Here's her tips to make yours better.
Posted In: startups, elevator pitch

It's Amazon vs. Disney in a new pricing dispute

The question: Is it price pressuring, or exercising the market muscle?
Posted In: Amazon, disney, DVD, retailers

A fashion makeover for wearable technology

Tech companies hope fashion and wearables make a good team.
Posted In: wearable tech, Google Glass, FitBit

Tesla teases Reno with a Gigafactory

Tesla has started building, but the factory and jobs could still move.
Posted In: tesla, Nevada, cars

Justice dept. targets GM in subprime auto loan probe

These loans resemble the subprime mortgages that led to the financial crisis.
Posted In: doj, auto loan, General Motors

Tackling urban blight with a paintbrush

One way to ensure your property prices don't fall: spruce up your neighborhood
Posted In: blight, neighborhoods, urban, suburbs
Bank of America

Holding individuals responsible for the financial crisis

A former Countrywide employee was fined $1 million, but such cases are rare.
Posted In: Bank of America, mortgage crisis, lenders

How to make ambulances safer

EMS workers have a high on-the-job fatality rate. Could safer ambulances help?
Posted In: ambulance


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