Features by Tracey Samuelson

Abuse of human growth hormone on the rise in teens

Teen athletes aren't the only ones abusing HGH.
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Hospital agrees to pay $190 million for recorded exams

Johns Hopkins settles with victims of gynecologist who secretly filmed exams.
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Republicans have a birthday card for Dodd-Frank

A look at the progress of the Dodd-Frank Act four years in.
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Hammer, lumber, 3-D printer? Home Depot sells it all

Home Depot is selling 3D printers starting at $1400 apiece. We have questions.
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Social media's new matchmakers pair users with brands

Big brands want to advertise on the social media accounts of people with large followings. How do they find them? Enter the matchmakers.
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How contagious is Europe's troubled economy?

As the European economic crisis persists, we look at the impact, if any, on the US.
Posted In: European debt crisis, euro, Europe debt crisis

How much are social media followers worth?

Advertisers are showing interest in social media stars with modest followings.
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When is an app art?

New York's Museum of Modern Art is embracing technology as an artistic medium.
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Here comes yet another increase in transit fares

We look at where transit fare increases are and why operating costs are rising.
Posted In: Transit, gas prices

Music streaming is the next frontier for Google

Why everyone wants to be in the music streaming business.
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