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U.S. rice growers want to get in on Cuba

The increased demand would help farmers, who have seen prices fall.
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Ex-Im Bank, to reauthorize or not to reauthorize

The Export Import Bank’s charter expires Wednesday at midnight.
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Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive garden, spin off 430 of its 1,500 restaurants.

Darden's real estate play

Olive Garden's owner will spin off part of its business into a REIT.
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Home sales experienced an almost 5 percent increase in May.

Existing home sales on the rise

More first-time buyers leaped into the housing market in May, Realtors say.
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The European Union and Greek flags fly in front of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Greek debt crisis is feeling like Groundhog Day

Time and options are running out for the nation, whose payments are due soon.
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American International Group, Inc. in New York.

AIG bailout trial: a partial moral victory

Hank Greenberg 'wins the battle but loses the war.'
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Everest College is one of the college systems owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Corinthian students get a break on their student loans

The Department of Education will forgive the federal loans many students who attended.
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CalPERS' quest to pay lower money-management fees

U.S.'s largest public pension fund is expected to cut the number of firms in half.
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The great trade debate: nine sticking points

Much of the discussion circles back to the pros and cons of past deals.
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The risks and rewards of selling dinner reservations

Apps make it easy for restaurants and patrons to charge for a last-minute table.
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