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Alex Martinez, 18, celebrates being the first person with new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in the Puerta del Sol Apple Store in Madrid, Spain. Overall retail sales this month weren't strong, but still did better than expected.

Retail's new normal

September retail sales take a slight dip from August.
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 Yera Dominguez uses a credit card reader to charge a credit card from a customer for payment at Lorenzo's Italian Market in Miami, Florida.

Banks seek profits in credit cards

Many analysts are looking for profits in a traditionally dull place: credit cards.
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Washington Cemetary

How do cemeteries make money?

Or perhaps the better question: What do they do when they run out of space?
Posted In: death, user-generated content, cemeteries, Burial

Why you always see the same ad while binge-watching TV

If you watch TV online, you're likely to see the same ad over and over again.
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Reddit raises $50 million and wants to share with users

Reddit announces new funding, and wants to work out a way to give back to its loyal community.
Posted In: reddit, venture capital, user-generated content

When you die, who gets your digital assets?

Families of the deceased struggle to access the digital life of loved ones.
Posted In: social media, living will, assets

Is Facebook's new ad tool a game changer?

Facebook's new advertising tool Atlas helps companies improve their targeting.
Posted In: advertising, Facebook, Facebook privacy, mobile ads

Modi visit throws spotlight on Indian-Americans

There are more than 3 million Indian-Americans, and many are prospering here.
Posted In: India, Immigration

When employees are given 'unlimited' vacation time

It may sound like a dream, but some employees aren't buying it.
Posted In: Virgin, Richard Branson, vacation days
Paula Dean

Paula Deen buys back rights to her Food Network show

A look at how Deen is attempting to rebuild her brand and her chances of success.
Posted In: Food Network, cooking, brand


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