Veteran journalist Tony Cox has joined American Public Media as guest host of Marketplace Money, a weekly hour-long national program that focuses on topics of personal finance and money. In his new role, the award-winning Los Angeles native will examine a range of topics centered around personal finance, money, retirement, and discuss major national and international stories that make headlines and how they will impact the average consumer. Cox has enjoyed over four decades of radio, television and multi-media experience. He hosted his own radio show “Upfront with Tony Cox” from 2009-2010, tackling a mix of news, entertainment, talk, opinion, sports and more with celebrities, politicians, artists, athletes, newsmakers and just plain folks with something to say. He’s hosted “News & Notes” on National Public Radio (NPR) and frequently traveled to Washington, D.C. to serve as fill-in host on NPR’s nationally syndicated radio talk shows “Talk of the Nation” and “Tell Me More.”  He’s also interviewed newsmakers as guest host on “The Tavis Smiley Show.” Cox began his career in broadcasting at KFWB All News Radio in Los Angeles, working as a news writer, editor, reporter and anchor. He later switched to television and joined KCBS-TV as an early morning TV anchor and reporter in 1982.  He moved to FOX 11 in Los Angeles in 1985, serving as the weekend and weekday anchor.  For 10 years, he traveled the world as a senior correspondent on the TV newsmagazine show “Inside Edition.” His love of sports landed him a job at FOX Sports Net’s “The Last Word with Jim Rome” and DirecTV Sports as a correspondent.  Cox has also been a featured contributor on TV One’s “The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors.” He’s also done voiceover work for the Tiger Woods Foundation. His excellence as a broadcast journalist has been both recognized and honored with a prestigious Los Angeles Area Emmy Award, five Golden Mike Awards, seven Los Angeles Press Club Awards, two NAACP Awards, and a Los Angeles Urban League Award. In addition to his broadcast work, Cox is also an associate professor of Television, Film and Media Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. He is a founding member and first president of the Black Journalists Association of Southern California (BJASC), and he served as Vice President of Broadcast for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). Cox holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from UCLA. 


Features by Tony Cox

Advice on getting your finances in order before the New Year

The end of the year is a great time for a financial tune-up. Here are some smart money moves you can make to ensure a good New Year.
Posted In: advice, financial advice, tips

What Shakespeare can teach us about money

A unique course at Duke University blends economics and English literature, asking students to explore financial decisions through the works of William Shakespeare.
Posted In: Shakespeare

The high costs of attending big college bowl games

From travel to organized festivities, lodging to food, and oh yeah, the tickets -- attending a college bowl game costs a pretty penny.
Posted In: college sports, BCS Championship, college football

Letters: Does checking your credit score affect your credit score?

Can you monitor your credit report frequently without it damaging your credit score? Does removing a secondary user from a credit card affect your credit rating? Personal finance guru Liz Weston answers listeners' questions about money.
Posted In: Personal Finance, letters

Starting over every day: Life as a substitute teacher

There are 7.3 million teachers in America -- among them are countless substitute teachers who haven't always been portrayed in the best light, but what subs do in their day-to-day work life is a lot more than most of us realize.
Posted In: teachers, Newtown

Listener Letters: What should I do with a stock that's worth nothing?

How do you get rid of a worthless stock? Is life insurance for seniors a good investment option? What ever happened to the paper U.S. Savings Bonds? CBS Money Watch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger answers listeners' personal finance questions.
Posted In: stocks, life insurance, Investing

Life after losing everything

In June 2012, Marketplace Money shared the story of the Gulis, a couple whose home and business were destroyed in the Colorado wildfires. We check in on them six months later and find out how they're rebuilding their lives after losing nearly everything.
Posted In: colorado, natural disasters, Hurricane Sandy

The truth about tipping

In the U.S., tipping is multi-billion dollar industry. But has gratuity simply become an expectation rather than a reflection of good customer service?
Posted In: tipping, tips

The Christmas tree: A consumer conundrum

Every December, millions of Americans spend their hard-earned money on Christmas trees. To find out why this tradition persists and how consumers decide which tree is right for their budget, Tony Cox visited a busy Christmas tree lot in L.A.
Posted In: Christmas, Christmas tree

When it comes to charity, the poor give more

Those who earn $50,000 to $75,000 donate about eight percent of their discretionary income. That's twice as much -- percentage-wise -- as those making above $200,000.
Posted In: Charity, Wealth and Poverty, psychology


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