Tess Vigeland was the host of Marketplace Money, a weekly personal finance program that looks at why we do what we do with our money: your life, with dollar signs. Vigeland and her guests took calls from listeners to answer their most vexing money management questions, and the program helps explain what the latest business and financial news means to our wallets and bank accounts. Vigeland joined Marketplace in September 2001, as a host of Marketplace Morning Report. She rose at o-dark-thirty to deliver the latest in business and economic news for nearly four years before returning briefly to reporting and producing. She began hosting Marketplace Money in 2006 and ended her run as host in November of 2012. . Vigeland was also a back-up host for Marketplace. Prior to joining the team at Marketplace, Vigeland reported and anchored for Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, where she received a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Silver Award for her coverage of the political scandal involving Senator Bob Packwood (R-Ore.). She co-hosted the weekly public affairs program Seven Days on OPB television, and also produced an hour-long radio documentary about safety issues at the U.S. Army chemical weapons depot in Eastern Oregon. Vigeland next served as a reporter and backup anchor at WBUR radio in Boston. She also spent two years as a sports reporter for NPR’s Only a Game. For her outstanding achievements in journalism, Vigeland has earned numerous awards from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists. Vigeland has a bachelor's degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She is a contributor to The New York Times and is a volunteer fundraiser for the Pasadena Animal League and Pasadena Humane Society. In her free time, Vigeland studies at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, continuing 20-plus years of training as a classical pianist.  


Features by Tess Vigeland

Should student athletes be paid to play?

Business-of-sports commentator Diana Nyad talks to host Tess Vigeland about the growing tension between big-money college athletics and the unpaid athletes who play the games.
Posted In: Sports

MasterCard IPO

MasterCard today set an estimated price for its IPO, expecting to raise almost $3 billion. That would make it the largest stock offering in US history. So what will MasterCard do with all that cash? Tess Vigeland reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

Burger King IPO

The fast-food chain makes preparation for its upcoming IPO, hoping to generate a market capitalization of more than $2 billion. Tess Vigeland reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

Will the boycotts matter?

Economic boycotts and street protests have been the order of the day in many cities — but will it matter? We check with our reporters in the field at protests around the country.

Businesses adapt to rally plans

Many businesses have taken steps to lessen disruption from today's pro-immigration rallies. Tess Vigeland tells us how.

Grease lightning

Drivers want cheaper gas. So why not steer away from crude oil? Tess Vigeland investigates the cost of turning your car into a lean green vegetable oil driving machine.

Stanley Cup's back

Hockey's Stanley Cup playoffs get underway this weekend. You'll remember, there were no playoffs last year because the season was cancelled. Tess Vigeland reports.
Posted In: Sports

Hollywood takes Broadway

The opening of Julia Roberts' play in New York today is the latest example of Broadway's use of Hollywood star power to attract audiences. Tess Vigeland reports.

High metal prices enter consumer picture

Eastman Kodak Company says it will increase prices for its films due to the rising cost of silver. The spiraling cost of other metals is being felt in other products as well. Tess Vigeland reports.

Lay and Skilling to get their say

Former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling get the chance to tell their version of the company's collapse as the defense begins its case today in the fraud and conspiracy trial against the two men. Tess Vigeland reports.


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