Sylvester Monroe is a freelance editor at Marketplace and a long-time journalist. His writing career began at Newsweek in the 1970s, and was followed by reporting and editing positions at Time magazine, Ebony, the San Jose Mercury News and Atlanta Journal – Constitution.


Features by Sylvester Monroe

Is there a link between housing policy and violence?

Experts say public housing policy is just one factor in the violence that troubles Chicago's poor neighborhoods.
Posted In: Chicago, public housing, gun violence

Betting wrong on gentrification in Chicago

During the bubble, many snapped up properties in neighborhoods they thought were going to become more affluent. But instead of moving up, Chicago's Englewood neighborhood has been spiraling down.
Posted In: Chicago, Housing, gentrification, guns

The economic costs of violence in Chicago

Over 500 people were killed in Chicago last year. And the soaring murder rate has real economic consequences for the city.
Posted In: Chicago, violence, public housing

Economic mobility in Chicago's projects

Marketplace's Sylvester Monroe visits his childhood home -- a demolished public housing project in Chicago -- to see who made it out and who's moving up the economic ladder.
Posted In: Chicago, poverty, public housing, Segregation, economic mobility
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