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Harrah's considers Biloxi a good gamble

Casino giant Harrah's announced it will team up with Jimmy Buffett on a $700 million casino and resort in Biloxi, Miss. It'll be the biggest investment in the state's Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Tinkering with Chrysler

Cerberus may have picked up Chrysler for a steal <i>if</i> it can get the automaker back on a profitable course. We sent Steve Tripoli to find out whether analysts think a comeback is really in the works and what it'll take.
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Health insurance weighs heavier on small biz

Finding, keeping and affording health insurance is a big headache for small businesses. Steve Tripoli reports on the challenge faced by a company he's been watching for years.
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Losing patience with lending reform

Congress has been studying potential actions to curb the risky practices that led to the subprime crisis. Lawmakers are giving the private sector a chance to reform itself, but it better act soon, Steve Tripoli reports.
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Who's served by food producers' tough stance?

U.S. food producers say they are all in favor of taking a tougher tone with their foreign counterparts. Steve Tripoli reports on whether their motives are entirely unadulterated.
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Rich doesn't equal smart

Not only does intelligence have little to do with building wealth, says a new study, in some ways smart people may actually have a couple disadvantages when it comes to playing the money game. Steve Tripoli reports.

Subprime borrowers may have help coming

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say they'll unveil new programs this summer to let many subprime borrowers refinance their home loans. But some in Congress say such assistance needs federal oversight. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Delta OK'd for reorganization

Creditors have agreed to take a 20 to 30 percent hit and approve a reorganization plan that puts Delta on course to emerge from bankruptcy by month's end. It's great news for Delta &mdash; and maybe the U.S. airline industry.
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Lenders blame the media

As the subprime lending market continues to struggle, mortgage bankers are pointing the finger of blame back at the news media, saying the intense coverage is making things worse.
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Subprime geography

Subprime lending casts a wide net. Steve Tripoli takes us through different types of subprime loans and the areas where lenders set up shop &mdash; and not just the poor communities are targeted.
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