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Nuts & Bolts: Perils of success

Many entrepreneurs told us they didn't know how to handle their own success. What should they do next? Steve Tripoli looks at what went wrong for two startups, and what they could have done differently.

Lone Star thinks it's got a prime choice

Private equity firm Lone Star Funds will pay $400 million for Accredited Home Lenders. Lone Star's not the only buyout gang throwing money at sub-prime's corporate wreckage. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Student loan consolidation window is closing

Still paying back your student loans? Rates for federally-backed college loans are set to increase on July 1. There's still time to consolidate if you move quickly, but that's not necessarily the right move for everyone, reports Steve Tripoli.

Massachusetts goes after mortgage predators

The Bay State's attorney general is cracking down on scam artists who promise to rescue homeowners from foreclosure but are actually out to steal their homes. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Crime, Housing

Detroit gets serious about health insurance

Funny what labor and management are capable of when both sides are afraid of losing big. Detroit's Big Three automakers and the United Auto Workers may have actually found a win-win solution to fast-rising health care costs. Steve Tripoli has details.
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Coke thinks Glaceau is the real thing

Coca-Cola announced today it's buying Glaceau, maker of SmartWater and VitaminWater, for $4.2 billion. Coke clearly thinks Glaceau can fortify its bottom line. Steve Tripoli tells why.
Posted In: Retail

Global economy picking up U.S. slack

The global economy's in its best shape in years says the OECD, but the news isn't as good for the U.S. That balanced growth is thanks to other economies filling in where ours is sagging. Steve Tripoli has more.
Posted In: Canada, Economy

A safer brand of toothbrush

Two everyday bathroom products are everyday weapons in prison. So researchers at Johns Hopkins have designed razors and toothbrushes that can't be sharpened into makeshift knives. Steve Tripoli has details.
Posted In: Science

OK, Ben, but Greenspan said . . .

Part of Ben Bernanke's job now involves hearing the differing views of his predecessor. Steve Tripoli looks at whether the Fed chief could be a little irked by the attention Alan Greenspan's attracting.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street, Washington

Whether to invest or divest?

Some states are considering having their pension systems pull investments from companies doing business in Iran. Congress got into the act today, too. Steve Tripoli tells us who's saying what about divestment this time.
Posted In: Washington


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