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Betting against subprime lenders

Some people have been "shorting" the companies that created and financed the subprime mortgage debacle. Steve Tripoli has been asking whether there's still time for a profitable bet against the architects of subprime.
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China issues subtle threat to U.S.

With Congress threatening trade sanctions against China, two lower-level Chinese officials have fired back, saying their nation's $1 trillion-plus holdings of U.S. Treasury notes could be a "bargaining chip." Steve Tripoli reports.
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The problem with China's currency

U.S. complaint: The yuan's value is too low, which hurts the U.S.-China trade balance. So Congress today will consider new ways to help the Treasury Department pressure China and boost competitiveness. Steve Tripoli explains.
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Lawyers target distributors for liability

When American consumers are injured by unsafe Chinese imports, it's hard to figure out who to sue. As Steve Tripoli reports, most lawyers here are choosing targets close to home.
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Recession on the horizon?

As credit tightens in the wake of the subprime lending crisis, some analysts warn that it could impact lending in other areas. And that's one more risk factor on the recession pile. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Fighting fraud in lending

The subprime mortgage crisis has focused government scrutiny on lenders who cross the legal line. Now federal and state officials have turned up the heat on all sorts of unsavory lending practices. Steve Tripoli reports.
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There's good news on housing front?

Economists at the National Association of Realtors are predicting home prices and new-home sales will rebound next year. But that's after the nation's first home-price decline in 40 years plays itself out. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Oh, it's you again!

Sprint is cutting off about 1,000 of its cell-phone subscribers because, the company says, they've been calling customer service too much. Aren't customer calls what customer service is for? Steve Tripoli asked around.

From big boxes to small niches

Tom Stemberg, founder of office-supply giant Staples, unveiled today a new venture capital fund. It will focus on retail start-ups that are just about the opposite of the type of store he pioneered. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Nuts & Bolts: Accidental boss

Our business-owning listeners tell us they're not always eager to jump into hiring. Becoming a boss can dilute the attractions that lead people to self-employment in the first place, but it can also enhance the experience. Steve Tripoli reports.
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