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Wealthy might not always mean savvy

The SEC wants to raise the net worth requirement of hedge funds from $1 million to $2.5 million to keep out smaller investors. But some critics wonder what wealth has to do with it. Steve Tripoli has more.
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The mystery of declining DVD sales

The entertainment industry is concerned over a potential drop in DVD sales. But Steve Tripoli reports that the problem may be the format's lack of growth.
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So, economists, about the job numbers...

What's it mean for the economy that 110,000 jobs were created last month and unemployment ticked up to 4.7%? Steve Tripoli asked economists for some clarity in the Labor Department figures. But, well, they're economists.
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Polishing a tarnished, subprime image

Countrywide, the nation's biggest mortgage company, is gearing up for a major public relations campaign to improve its subprime-debacle image. Steve Tripoli reports that Countrywide needs to be careful how it deploys the PR playbook.
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Credit score versus insurance rates

Congress is taking up the issue of whether a person's credit score should determine their insurance rate. Consumer groups find the practice discriminatory. Steve Tripoli has more.
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Investing like Yale: Don't try at home

Yale and Harvard have a lot of money to invest, and thanks to some smart decisions and investors they are likely to be well-funded for a very long time. But individuals really don't have the luxury of time these institutions have -- basically, to infinity. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Education

'Buy 1, Give 1' laptop campaign boots up

Remember the group that want to provide a $100 laptop computer to kids in poor countries? It hit a snag, in part, because it couldn't deliver the machine at that price. Today, it rebooted its business plan. Steve Tripoli reports.

Closing a door to identity thieves

Consumer groups and the big three credit reporting bureaus have been feuding for some time over when and how consumers can keep their histories from being released -- especially to fend off identity thieves. Now there's a break in that battle. Steve Tripoli reports.

A change of course and tone

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson let it be known today that the White House has decided to consider letting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy up jumbo loans, something it's been opposed to. And Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke added it better happen soon. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Credit card debt? Mortgage can wait

The subprime loan crisis is making some homeowners shift priorities. One big credit counseling service found that many clients are paying their credit cards before they cover the mortgage. Steve Tripoli reports.
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