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He's driven to make a difference

Robert Chambers could have easily retired after leaving car sales and owning several businesses. Instead, he has channeled his energy into helping low-income car buyers make smart purchases that will help them on the road to prosperity. Steve Tripoli reports.
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The renters' end of the housing crisis

In the latest edition of our Housing Madness series, we look at a group of people who never even took out a subprime loan -- or any loan for that matter. Steve Tripoli explores the story from the renters' perspective.
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Reframing retirement savings

The latest strategy to get Americans saving: psychology. As Steve Tripoli found out, reframing retirement planning can help get portfolios growing.
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Luxury homebuilder hitting a wall

Toll Brothers is facing a big drop in orders, and they're in good shape compared to the rest of the home construction industry. Steve Tripoli reports.
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UAW election support not from cash

The United Auto Workers is in the middle of its annual legislative conference, and as its an election year, the union is more fired up than usual. But Steve Tripoli reports UAW support doesn't come directly from funding.
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Workers may be sticking to unions again

A new report says union membership in the United States is up very slightly. Nobody's calling it a trend just yet, but Marketplace's Steve Tripoli found some interesting things in the numbers.
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Citigroup cutting back on new branches

News of Citigroup's cutback on new branches came the same day as an announcement of a new political union calling for more bank services in low-income communities. Steve Tripoli has more.
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Rate cut will help home market -- a bit

This week's interest rate cut by the Fed will give the housing industry a shot in the arm. But what will it mean for homeowners and potential home buyers? Steve Tripoli reports.
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More lenders dropping bad home loans

There's word of a new twist to the mortgage default mess. More home lenders are reportedly walking away from fights over delinquent home equity loans. But, that doesn't necessarily mean a free ride for borrowers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Who is the middle class?

Starting to get ahead? Just getting by? Steve Tripoli asks three self-identified middle class families what it means to be a part of the middle.


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