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Germans reacting to protests in Greece

Greece today is trying to find another few hundred million dollars worth of budget cuts. Meanwhile, the rating agency Moody's has downgraded the credit ratings of six European countries, which is likely to make matters worse.
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French, German leaders meet on eurozone future

Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel are speaking in Berlin today, trying to hash out the details of a master plan to save the euro. But it appears the leaders are still working on the same old problems.
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Mid-day Extra: Not so Hot Pockets

Why is the frozen food industry hurting, even as more people are dining at home?
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Eurozone threatened with downgrade if summit fails

Yet another summit is planned in Europe this week to find a solution to the debt problems there. But is this summit the one that will produce results?
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Merkel calls euro debt crisis a 'marathon'

Germany's leader spoke today, calling for stricter regulations across Europe.
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Germans protest Greece's resistance to austerity measures

Germany is being asked to pay more than any other country to help bailout Greece, but Germany's citizens resent Greece's opposition to tough budget cuts.

Sell the right to immigrate to the highest bidder?

An American Nobel Laureate is proposing a radical solution in the U.S. immigration debate: auctioning off the right to a green card.
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