Steve Chiotakis was a host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012

Chiotakis’ award-winning career began after finishing high school in the late 80s. He started at a country radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, moving around the state  progressing to public radio at WBHM. Chiotakis has experience serving as news anchor, reporter and news director. His reporting has been featured on CBS Radio, NBC, CBC, the BBC and NPR.

Chiotakis has been honored by The Public Radio News Directors, Incorporated more than a half dozen times with awards for feature reporting, writing and call-in show. In 2001, Chiotakis was a recipient of the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing.


Features by Steve Chiotakis

Mid-day Extra: Are presidential debates free advertising?

This year has had an unusual number of Republican presidential debates on television. Does this help candidates without much money hold on longer than they should?
Posted In: politics, Republicans, 2012 campaign

Germany struggles to sell its debt

The country that's considered the strongest in the eurozone had a hard time convincing investors to lay down cash for its debt today, which means the troubles going on in Europe could be entering a new phase.
Posted In: Germany, Eurozone

South Korea agrees to free trade deal

A month after the U.S. passed a free trade deal with South Korea, that country's government has accepted the proposal -- although not without a few bumps along the way.
Posted In: South Korea, free trade

Mid-day Extra: 4.74 degrees of separation

A new study put on by Facebook and the University of Milan have found that the old six degrees of separation adage is a bit outdated.
Posted In: Facebook, six degrees

Egyptian Stock Exchange put on hold in wake of protests

Protests in Egypt continue today, causing the stock exchange there in Cairo to shutdown trading.
Posted In: Egypt, Cairo, stock exchange

Americans react to the failure of super committee

According to preliminary polls, the average American may not be as worried about the failure of the super committee to reach a deal as some would think.
Posted In: super committee, deficit-cutting

Was the super committee doomed from the start?

Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan says there's a reason why the super committee has yet to make a decision on the deficit-cutting deal: There aren't, and never were, any ramifications for failure.
Posted In: super committee

Rep. Xavier Becerra on the super committee

The super committee deadline is approaching, and it looks like no deal will be reached. We speak to super committee member Congressman Xavier Becerra about how things got so bad.
Posted In: super committee, Xavier Becerra

Could Washington's troubles turn into a eurozone-like crisis?

The deadline for the super committee looms. Could the U.S.'s problem be compared to the eurozone's?
Posted In: super committee

Mid-day Extra: How book awards translate to dollars

Last night, the winners of this year's National Book Awards were announced.
Posted In: mid-day update


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