Steve Chiotakis was a host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012

Chiotakis’ award-winning career began after finishing high school in the late 80s. He started at a country radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, moving around the state  progressing to public radio at WBHM. Chiotakis has experience serving as news anchor, reporter and news director. His reporting has been featured on CBS Radio, NBC, CBC, the BBC and NPR.

Chiotakis has been honored by The Public Radio News Directors, Incorporated more than a half dozen times with awards for feature reporting, writing and call-in show. In 2001, Chiotakis was a recipient of the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing.

Features By Steve Chiotakis



Student loan plan will help, but not solve issues with education costs

President Obama is expected to announce a plan today that will help graduates burdened with student loan debt. But is it enough?
Posted In: Education

Sloan: Candidates' economic plans just fall flat

Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan explains why the current economic plans being talked about by presidential candidates are unrealistic and purely political.

Making small steps toward a European debt solution

With a Wednesday deadline looming, leaders in Europe have been making some progress towards a solution. But the markets might be too optimistic.

President Obama's jobs plan takes another hit

After the American Jobs Act failed to pass in its entirety, Senate Democrats have started trying to push pieces of it through Congress. But the roadblocks remain.

Worst football weather cities can blame Lake Erie

The Weather Channel's out with its list of the National Football League's worst weather cities. The cable network used a bunch of science and st...
Posted In: American Football, Sports, weather

Senior citizens will get a bump in Social Security payments

The government announced that it will increase Social Security payments to offset the rising cost of living in America. Will it be enough to help senior citizens?
Posted In: Retirement

In tough venture capital market, quality over quantity matters

Venture capitalists had their worst quarter since 2003. What does this mean for companies looking to start up in the coming years?
Posted In: Investing

Nobel Prize winners' research could inform U.S. economic policy

The work of professors Christopher Sims and Thomas Sargent, winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Economics, could help guide leaders in Washington towards solving our financial problems.

How private campaign donations are effecting elections

After laws were passed allowing corporations, to spend unlimited amounts on campaign funding, North Carolina business owner Art Pope went to work to change the outcome of his state elections.

Ten years later, Afghanistan is largest aid recipient in the world

Ten years ago, the U.S. and other countries invaded Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks. Today, the U.S. spends around $300 million a month back


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